Terms and Conditions

We don't really have such things as "conditions" for the use of REALTOKYO, but there are a handful of things we'd like to ask for your agreement on.


  • When posting information to REALTOKYO’s event database, make sure not to spread false information. Please refrain from posting offensive comments or images, or those that may violate other users' privacy or defame particular individuals or groups.
  • For all texts, images, movies or sounds you include in event information posted to REALTOKYO, make sure that they do not contain elements that infringe the rights of third parties.
  • REALTOKYO does not necessarily support or agree with opinions and ratings expressed in articles posted by users.
  • REALTOKYO does not assume responsibility for the contents of third party websites that link to REALTOKYO.
  • It may happen that REALTOKYO cannot be accessed or certain functions are temporarily unusable during maintenance and other system-related operations.



(November, 2007)