Privacy Policy

The following paragraph is related to the handling of personal information by REALTOKYO based on the "Law for protection of personal data". "Personal information" in this case refers to such data as name, date of birth, profession, postal address, phone number, e-mail address and others a user necessarily or voluntarily supplies when registering/signing up, applying for a free gift, or contacting REALTOKYO for other reasons.


1. Purpose of Use
RT uses personal information


  • for confirming E-mail Newsletter and Scheduler registrations, and sending out subscribed newsletters.
  • for confirming event information posts
  • for contacting users in issues related to free gifts
  • as reference material in order to define such things as contents and editorial policy of REALTOKYO
  • as basic data for the production of media kits and other materials


2. Administration and Data Supply to Third Parties

REALTOKYO is placing strict controls on the handling of personal information. Personal data may be made public ONLY in the following cases.


  • When outsourcing such tasks as collecting survey results or distributing mail/e-mail
  • When confirming with financial institutions to settle payments of online purchases
  • When producing media kits and other materials needed for sales activities (concerns quantitative attribute information only)
  • When conveying a general image of the REALTOKYO user to interested advertisers (concerns quantitative attribute information only)
  • For other legitimate reasons as required by law


3. Additions and Modifications

We try to ensure that all provided personal data is correct and up-to-date. If you want to add, modify or delete parts of the information you supplied to REALTOKYO, please send an e-mail to



(Novemver, 2007)