The services REALTOKYO offers can be divided into three big categories.

The first is this website. The focus here is on information on events from six different genres, searchable with RT own powerful search engine. For each genre we have a number of knowledgeable writers who provide us with "Picks" – short previews of their recommended current or upcoming events. In addition, the "Tokyo Initiators' Diaries" and "Tokyo Editors' Diaries" contributed by unique individuals from the Tokyo creative scene appear regularly in the column section.

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The second service is the schedule management function of our Scheduler/Reminder E-mail combination. Create your own agenda, to which you can add any event from the REALTOKYO database. A weekly e-mail reminds you of your RT schedule for the week, which drastically reduces the chance of missing movies or art exhibitions.

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The third service is the E-mail Newsletter. Once every week, subscribers receive an e-mail that summarizes new additions to the website from the past five (week)days, and sometimes contains useful information on ticket sales among others.

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REALTOKYO Editorial Department:


The first feature to mention is the search function that helps you get to the desired information on RT in a few seconds. You can also browse through columns and recommendation articles to catch up with the talk of the day.

On the Top page you will always find a list of all articles that have been added during the past week.

To get to the event lists of each category, select the respective genre from the menu heading the Top page. A click will take you to our (writers') "Picks" of the genre you selected, from where you can use the side menu on the left to narrow down the type of event you're after. You can also use the "New Events" link from the Top page to see what has been posted most recently.

If you want to find particular events or those featuring particular artists, type a keyword in the search engine field on the right and hit "Search".

You also might want to find out what’s showing or who’s in town on your next day off. To do so, just choose your day from the calendar on the right.

Scheduler & Reminder E-mai.

"Scheduler" is the name of your own online agenda that helps you organize your RT event schedule.

If you spot in the RT database an event that sparks your interest, just save it to your Scheduler with a mouse click. You can mark your preferred date in case the respective event runs over a longer period of time, or add details concerning meeting times and places. You can access all information in your Scheduler via your MyPage, to view or make changes at any time.

In addition, the dates in your Scheduler will be sent to you by e-mail every Monday. With this Scheduler/Reminder E-mail combination, being disappointed when noticing that an event you wanted to catch passed by is something that won't happen again.

E-mail Newsletter

REALTOKYO is being updated daily from Monday to Friday with event recommendations ("Picks") and other articles. If you subscribe to our E-mail Newsletter (free of charge), you will receive an e-mail once every week that informs you about everything that’s new on the website. The Newsletter may also contain some useful information concerning ticket sales and reservations, or even exclusive pre-ordering and other offers to RT users/subscribers.